Projects and Opportunities

Do you want to improve your organization’s bottom line by sourcing globally?

Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing

From governmental and NGO organizations, to large multinational corporations and small business, every organization has the need to improve their performance by sourcing their products and services at the best possible prices. The globalization trend has allowed companies and individuals to increase their competitiveness by seeking providers that can meet their needs on a worldwide basis. Please use the form below to send your project information so we can add it to our database.

There are no costs to add your project to our database, but if you are interested in being contacted if there are any questions about your project or investment opportunity, you can join us using the link on the right.

After you submit your information one of our representatives may contact you if we have any questions about your organization, or the project that you just submitted.

*You must use your organization email in order for the form to be processed
(email: = web site:

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