Brazil Freight Forwarders

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CN Worldwide
Mr. John W.F. Kirkup / Mr. Fernando Novaes
Supply Chain Services
Av.Paulista, 2300 – Pilotis (P) Floor
Tel: (55-11) 2847-4701
Mobile: (55-11) 9-8696-3966 / 9-8689-9108
Email: /
Note: CN Worldwide is a subsidiary of CN, Canada’s largest railway. Specializes in both containerized and break-bulk transportation logistics solutions, including freight forwarding, contract logistics, purchase order management, warehousing, stuffing and trucking, sourcing and trade logistics consulting, carrier management and booking functions.

Figwal Transportes Internacionais LTDA
Ms. Patricia Malfatti, Commercial Supervisor
Rua Felix de Souza, 71
Vila Congonhas – São Paulo – SP
Tel:  (55-11) 5098-1500/  5098-1515 (direct line)
Fax:  (55-11) 5098-1540/ 5098-1539
Note: Brazilian partner of DSV Air & Sea Inc. Areas of expertise: in- and outbound Brazil door-to-door transport operations, handles logistics by Air, Sea and Road charter flights and vessels, AOG (Aircraft on Ground) spare parts operations, helicopters both by air and sea, warehousing and distribution, live cargo, crosstrade operations, customs clearance.

Grupo Brasiliense
Ms. Lucimara Marinho
Av. Mercedes Benz, 170
Campinas, São Paulo
Tel:  (55-19) 2102-4700
Fax: (55-19) 2102-4710
Note: Logistics & transportation services, custom clearance, freight forwarder, warehousing

KUEHNE – Nagel Serviços Logisticos
Ms. Anne Bernardino, District Route Sales Manager
Av. John Dalton, 301 – Lote 2 – Quadra C
13069-330 Campinas – SP,  Brasil
Tel: (55-19) 3202-3400
Fax: (55-19) 3202-3422
Note: Part of the KN group, with 27 offices in Canada.

Mellohawk Logistics Do Brasil LTDA
Mr. Arnon Melo / Director
Av Cel. João Quintino, 306
Taquarituba, SP
Tel: (55- 11) 3042-4391
Note: Specialized in international trade operations, logistics for project cargo and heavy machinery and documentation for customs; assistance with transportation of equipment for trade fairs, seminars, customs clearance and delivery at Rio de Janeiro, Santos and São Paulo ports. MelloHawk also has an office in Toronto, ON.

Pirâmide Seaair
Mr. Paul Erik Schabbel
Av. Brig. Faria Lima, 1903, Cj 13
São Paulo – SP
Tel. (55-11) 2101-5454
Note: An international logistics service provider, focussed on managing all export and import logistics operations including the deployment of a specialized team at the customer’s facilities (in house systematic). Has a North American Logistics Center in Miami, Florida

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