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Welcome to Inloso’s Company Submission Form.

While we make every single attempt to include as many service provider organizations as we can in our site information, we count with your help to let us know if we are missing anyone. You have reached this form because you’re interested in adding your company information to our list of service providers. By filling in and submitting the form below you confirm that you are interested in having your organization listed in our database, and available to our visitors and subscribers.

In order to be listed your company must offer products or services directly related to the import/export business. If you manufacture any product that can be exported, or if you offer any services such as brokerage, transportation, warehousing, and others, that can help companies interested in exporting/importing from/to your country, we will like to add you to our database.

There are no costs to add your organization to our database, but if you will like to be contacted by our team if someone has any questions about your company products or services, or to be the first to find out about new business opportunities; you can join us by using the link on the right.

One of our representatives may contact you if we have any questions about your company and its products or services before we add it to our database.

*You must use your company email in order for the form to be processed
(email: = web site:

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