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The flag of Nicaragua.

The flag of Nicaragua. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Agriculture, Fishing, and Forestry

(R) Hurricane Felix Emergency Recovery Additional Financing: The objective is to support the sustainable recovery of the communities affected by Huricane Felix in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN) of Nicaragua. The grant was signed on 4 December 2012. Environmental Assessment Category B. Project: P132108. US$ 5.0 (IDA Grant). No consultants are required. Gobierno de la Region Autonoma del Atlantico Norte (GRAAN), Casa de Gobierno Bilwi, Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, Tel: (505) 792-2468, Fax: NA, E-mail:, Contact: Evelyn Taylor, Regional Coordinator


Education Sector Strategy Support: The objectives are to: (a) increase access to preschool and lower secondary education in participating municipalities; and (b) improve preschool learning conditions and the quality as well as completion of lower secondary education nationwide. First Grant Funding Request Approval scheduled for 15 January 2013. Environmental Assessment Category B. US$ 16.7/37.4 (EFAS/MSC1). Consultants will berequired. Implementing agency(ies) to be determined.

Public Administration, Law, and Justice

(R) Second Land Administration in Support of Land Program (PRODEP): The objective is to provide the population in the area with improved land administration services, including more accurate cadastral and property registry information. Decision Meeting scheduled for 10 January 2013. Environmental Assessment Category B. Project: P121152.US$ 40.0 (IDA Credit). Consultants will be required. Procuraduria General de la Republica, Managua, Nicaragua, Tel: (505-2) 266-6036, E-mail:, Contact: Hernan Estrada, Procurador General de la Republica

Water, Sanitation and Flood Protection

(R) Adaptation of Water Supplies to Climate Change: The objective is to enhance Nicaragua’s adaptive capacity to the impacts of climate change in the water supply sector through strengthening water resources management, which would guarantee a sustainable water supply for the population. The loan was signed on 4 December 2012. Environmental Assessment Category B. Project: P127088. US$ 6.0 (GEFU). Consultants will be required. Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA), Km 8 1/2 Carretera Norte, Managua, Nicaragua, Tel: (505) 226-32864, Fax: NA, E-mail:, Contact: Roberto Araquistain, Vice Minister

Water, Sanitation and Flood Protection

(R) Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Additional Financing: The objective is to increase access by project beneficiaries to sustainable water and sanitation services in rural areas. Negotiations completed on 6 December 2012. Bank Approval scheduled for 22 January 2013.Environmental Assessment Category B. Project: P132102. US$ 6.0 (IDA Credit). Consultants will be required. FISE, Nicaragua, Tel: (505) 2278-1664, Ext. 1084, E-mail:, Contact: Alberto Jarquin, Director de Desarrollo Institucional.

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