Nicaragua will invest over $675,000 to promote their products overseas

Courtesy of El Nuevo Diario

Courtesy of El Nuevo Diario

Nicaragua exported over $2,750 millions during 2012 and is looking to expand this figure during 2013. To accomplish this task the Manufacturers and Exporters association of Nicaragua (APEN) will invest over $675,000 during 2013 to promote their agricultural, leather, textiles, wood, and craft industries overseas. The promotional activities will include the participation of Nicaraguan companies and governmental entities in multiple international trade fairs and conferences, and has been extended to include the Nicaraguan tourism industry. The export promotions plan is financed by the European Union AL-INVEST, and the United States Agency for International Development.

Some of the events planned include the participation in:

  • ITB Berlin
  • Fenitur
  • Fruit Logistica
  • Central American Travel Market
  • Biofach
  • Agritrade

For additional information please visit US$ 675,000 para promover exportaciones · El Nuevo Diario.


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